3 Things Your Mobile Employees Expect

by tara

3 Things Your Mobile Employees Expect

by tara

by tara

You ask workers to travel for the company, to work far away from the office. In return, they quite reasonably ask for seamless workflow, because they’re working in a 24/7 world. That’s why they also need that long battery life. Possibly, they’re out of the office to wow clients. They can do that better with higher-quality displays. And it doesn’t hurt if the device looks good, whomever they’re meeting, because the appearance of your equipment says something about the quality of your organisation.

And if it could survive the odd bump, so much the better.

When it comes to buying your next work laptops, how can you give your out-of-office workforce an edge?

1. Touch technology for seamless device changes

According to Gartner, touch screens will be on one-third of all mobile PCs by 2018. Productivity is boosted when form and function are standardised across a full range of mobile devices.

And when you’re crammed into an airplane seat, being able to touch the screen could change everything. For the road warrior in the air, touch screens are less about fingers than elbows. What might sound trivial isn’t when you spend hours every week in cramped places.

2. Lighter high-performance materials

Whether your employees are carrying their laptops between meeting rooms or airports, they want them to be lightweight. Previously weight had been in a trade off with fragility. Today, there are plenty of laptops on the market that are lightweight and look good but are tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of the road (or the corridor).

One thing to look for when you’re specifying your next generation of laptops is carbon fibre. It’s high-strength and lightweight enough for NASA. And even glass is tougher these days, too, which is great, especially when paired with edge-to-edge display capabilities.

3. Wireless docking

It’s possible that one thing keeping workers out of the office and on the road was the thought of messing around with cables to dock their laptops when they get back to the office.

The latest in wireless docking technology will make coming back to the office seem like a treat. There’s a one-time set-up (isn’t there always?) but once it’s done, the user can wirelessly connect external displays, a keyboard, a mouse, speakers, and other peripherals to their laptop.

When it’s set up, all the user has to do is walk within range of the wireless dock on their desk and hey—presto.

Disconnecting is as simple as walking away. If only everything in business were that simple.