Office365 Case Study

Asia World Shipping

Office365 Case Study

Asia World Shipping

by nmans

“I recommend Net Communications for Office 365 migration…I am very happy with the smooth migration as well as the support and help received during the project.”

Arpan Patel – IT Manager – Asiaworld Shipping Services Pty Ltd

Customer background

Asiaworld Shipping Services Pty Ltd is an Australian owned shipping and freight company located at all Australian ports specialising in project and break bulk cargoes. They require immediate access to their email system to manage their shipments and day to day tasks.

Customer Challenge

After meeting with Asiaworld we found their storage capacity was overfilled as their server hard-drives were getting full quickly and they could not accommodate new emails with attachments. Adding storage to their network would have been costly and difficult for their IT team. The maintenance of large mailboxes had become problematic for them. When users moved from PC to PC they would start downloading their profile on the new PC. This would put stress on the server and cause network speed issues. Furthermore, employees found that the performance of outlook was dropping due to the limited network bandwidth and hard drive performance. Specifically, users with large mailboxes found that a normal keyword search query could kill the server and slowdown the performance for all other outlook users.

The upgrade, maintenance and patches for their mail server became difficult and occasionally caused unplanned downtime. This stopped all workflows within the company making it a nightmare for the IT team to deal with and costly for the company as employees would sit idle until the servers were back online. It was also bad for the IT team as they would have to put aside all important work as immediate high-end technical support was needed when something went wrong with the exchange server. Employees also had difficulty accessing some emails through the web due to different firewall rules to prevent intrusion. We found that some of their employees had a requirement for Skype for business or newer versions of the office suite of products.


As Asiaworld were already using Microsoft exchange, it was a natural step to consider moving to Office 365 Cloud Exchange. By moving to O365 Asiaworld could send emails with attachments with ease, as it used Microsoft storage servers in the cloud. Users moving around on different devices was no longer an issue as they could easily log on or set up their profile on any PC without difficulty. Users with large mailboxes no longer experienced significant lag and did not affect the efficiency of other users on the network when using their mailbox. Unplanned downtime of their email service no longer occurred due to accessibility and availability of Microsoft Servers. This allowed the IT team to continue working on meaningful projects rather than break-fix of servers. Web access of emails became incredibly easy for any user on any device from almost any location. Users were no longer locked out of using emails outside of the office due to firewalls. Asiaworld found that moving to Office 365 meant that their business ran more smoothly, with fewer bottlenecks and downtime. There was higher availability of their email service and better productivity of their team as they now had access to the latest version of Office Suite, built in apps and Skype for Business at all times.

Measurable Benefits

  • Cost effective solution to move to Cloud compared to purchasing hardware
  • Sufficient storage in the cloud
  • Less work for the IT team for break fix issues
  • Access to emails from any computer, anywhere at any time
  • Higher performance
  • No unexpected downtime from server crashes
  • No more access issues due to security protocols
  • Outsourcing all highly technical issues to Microsoft experts in their datacentres
  • Always have the latest version of Office Suit, built in apps and tools