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10 trends to watch for in 2017

The machines are rising. Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven it’ll be no fun at a party, having taken down the world’s best player at the difficult strategy game Go. If that makes you anxious, good news: virtual reality (VR) is being used by doctors to help patients with anxiety. We live in interesting times, so what’s going to be especially interesting to watch this year?

1. Security concerns increase

Well, duh, so let’s get this one out of the way quickly. The only novelty in this prediction is where the danger is coming from: increased reliance on IoT means more breaches of security and privacy.

2. AI and consumer experience

Even big players are only scratching the surface when it comes to using machine learning to improve customer service. Look for:

  • Much more personalised customer interaction
  • More social presence
  • Immediate answers to consumer queries

3. Better cross-browser compatibility

Less sexy than AI but fundamental, W3C (world wide web consortium) specification, and (maybe) better JavaScript libraries could see cross-browser compatibility issues become a thing of the past. Good news if your business does business online.

4. Increased VR activity

Who doesn’t want to be in VR when it’s new and shiny and has applications as far-ranging as therapy and gaming? Microsoft, Facebook, and Google have put a waterfall of money into VR, but it’s the startups you want to watch. Will VR be the cornerstone of the next Microsoft or Apple?

5. Mobile grows

By 2020, 70% of the world’s population will have a smartphone. If you’re still asking mobile browsers to pinch and squeeze, it’s time to act.

6. No more money for IT

You can watch the rise of AI and VR, but this might not be the year you get to invest in them. Spiceworks has surveyed the IT world and confirmed that IT budgets will be flat (or down) in 2017, and they’re not expecting to take on new employees, either.

7. Laptops eating desktops’ narrow lead

Consumers have long bought more laptops than desktops. Now, companies are budgeting more for laptops, bringing the budgets for both to par according to Spiceworks’ network data and surveys.

8. Windows 10 business adoption to go over 70%

Over 10 weeks in 2015, 11% of businesses organisations said yes to Microsoft’s offer of a free Windows 10 upgrade. By halfway through last year, 40% were onboard. The trend line suggests 73% of organisations will be using Windows 10 by July.

9. “Cloud first” strategies will drive adoption of Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 offers improved virtualisation features, better security, more advanced software-defined storage functionality, and better integration with popular cloud services. That will drive adoption, although it won’t be until Windows Server 2008 reaches end-of-life in 2020 that its successor will dominate.

10. Don’t hold your breath for OS upgrades

Flat budgets will mean delays in upgrading operating systems. More than half of businesses are running at least one copy of Windows XP somewhere, despite it reaching end-of-life in 2014.

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Dell EMC Gold Partner

On the 6th of February 2017, Dell EMC launched its new partner program with Net Communications as a Gold Partner.

The enormous merger between Dell and EMC took the IT world by storm in 2016. Partner’s new tier levels are dependent on their performance over the previous year as well as maintaining certifications and investing in the partner program.

When working with an IT Solutions Provider, it is important that you are aware of their partnership status with the vendors they work with. Maintaining partnerships with vendors such as Dell EMC requires Net Communications to keep up to date with training, maintain certifications and expertise in the vendor’s products and solutions. Although it is not always the be all and end all when choosing to work with an IT Solutions Provider, it is an indication of the level of capability when providing competitive pricing to their customers as well as expertise when recommending solutions.

When looking for a trusted advisor in procuring your Dell EMC solutions, consider the team at Net Communications.

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Net Communications, a Procurement Australia Panel Supplier for IT

In 2016, Net Communications was announced as a supplier on the Procurement Australia Panel for Information Technology.

Procurement Australia has assisted public, private and government entities (big and small) their purchasing for over thirty years. With over 700 members Australia-wide, their expertise lies in connecting people with reputable and capable businesses to deliver the solution that they require. Suppliers approved on the panel are required to go through a stringent tender process where they are assessed on their financial capability, experience, knowledge, price and other areas such as corporate social responsibility. This allows Procurement Australia to provide its members with a solution they can count on from a trustworthy business that is a leader in its industry.

When you work with Net Communications, you will know that you are receiving a solution from a business that is stable, trusted and an expert in the industry. Unlike many of the businesses that come and go, the Net Communications team has continued to service its customers for almost 30 years. You can trust that without being a member to the Procurement Australia Panel, you will be receiving the same dedication and service that members receive.

For more information on Procurement Australia, please visit their website